AGS June Social Barbeque Dinner and Movie

It’s time to start planning for the annual BBQ social. Remember last year’s event with lots of door prizes and Tony and his jokes? Who can top that?  Well, we can try but we need volunteers, and sponsors to make it happen. We only have three more monthly meetings before the Social. So, in the next few weeks, can you or your company provide a $100-$200 donation to help sponsor this annual event?  Or maybe you can volunteer and join me to set up/clean up the dining area, check in guests, take dues, help with door prizes or you could be the Master of Ceremonies. Think about it and let me know as soon as you can.

If you have never been to the June BBQ Social it will be in the rotunda with the dinosaurs. Reservations are not needed but I will try to get a head count so I can buy enough food to have leftovers. The dinner menu includes barbecue chicken and pork, bread, mac and cheese, BBQ beans, sweet and unsweet tea, and cobbler and cookies for dessert. While we eat, Pamela will give her presidential address followed by door prize giveaways. The Big Screen Movie starts after dinner. Sponsors are welcome to set up a meet and greet table or give a short presentation.

Please let me know if you can help out, bring company SWAG, geology books, maps, rocks, fossils donations for door prizes. Thanks again John Salvino Hospitality Chair and Treasurer [email protected]

Annual BBQ Social: Tuesday, 6pm, June 25, 2024 –

*Members Free, Guests $5

*Membership must be current for 2024. To renew your membership, please click here

AGS Meeting 2/27/24 @ 6pm

February Presentation: Finding Faults with Tsunamis–Unlocking Earthquake Behavior in the Offshore Environment
Andy Newman, Georgia Institute of Technology

When: February 27, 2024
6:00: Social: refreshments and snacks served
6:45: Business meeting (zoom starts)
7:00: Presentation

The meeting will be in person at the Fernbank Museum.

Current members may join meeting via zoom. To join AGS click  here

Proposed AGS Bylaw Amendment

At the September 2023 board meeting, the board approved a motion to submit to the membership for vote, an amendment to the Atlanta Geological Society bylaws dealing with voting procedures. The motion was approved by a vote of 3-0 with one abstaining. Because nowhere in the bylaws is voting by the board specifically addressed, the proposed amendment provides a definition of voting procedures and eligible voters. The amendment also provides for use of contemporaneous communications systems such as email, zoom, or text by the board to expedite voting on issues needing a quick decision.

The proposed amendment will ensure that voting matters will not end up in a tie. The current bylaws suggest that committee chairs are eligible to vote on issues facing the organization. We have a large number of committee chairs—13, of which 4 are held by elected officers, leaving 9 committee members eligible to vote. Add the 4 elected officers and Immediate Past President to the 9 committee chairs gives a maximum of 15 individuals eligible to vote. To convene a meeting with such a large number of board members is problematic. Conflicting schedules can make scheduling fully staffed meetings difficult, if not impossible. The number of committee members participating in board meetings is highly variable and can result in an even number of participants voting on an issue, which could result in a tie. Elected officers and the Immediate Past President, are expected to participate in board meetings and form the core of such meetings. The proposed amendment assigns voting duties to these five individuals ensuring matters cannot end up in a tie.

The proposed amendment will designate the four elected officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Immediate Past President) as the five individuals eligible to vote on matters being addressed by the board. Committee chairs are appointed positions and would therefore be ineligible to vote on board matters. They shall heron be designated as ex officio members of the executive board, entitled to attend its meetings and participate in its discussions; but would not be entitled to vote on any issues. The proposed amendment will also enable the President to call for board votes via electronic media such as email in the event the board cannot meet in person. The goal of the amendment is to streamline voting procedures, eliminate the possibility of ties, and ensure timely decision-making by elected officers.

Comments on the proposed amendment will be accepted October 15 – Nov 15, 2023. To send questions and comments click here. To see the entire bylaws as posted on our website, click here. Based on comments from the membership, the proposed bylaw amendment will be modified, if needed, and published in the November newsletter. The revised amendment will be included in the November 2023 election ballot.

Proposed Amendment to AGS Bylaws:

Article XI – Executive Committee Voting [New Article]

  1. Each officer (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President) will have one vote. Other members of the Executive Committee shall be designated ex officio members, entitled to attend its meetings and participate in its discussions; he or she shall not, however, be entitled to vote on any issues.
  2. Once quorum is established, all matters put to a vote will require the affirmative vote of a majority of officers voting on the matter, in the presence of a quorum, unless a greater majority is required by these Bylaws or the Articles. The participation of a majority of the officers, whether present in person or through a contemporaneous communications system, constitutes a quorum of the Executive Committee in order to conduct business.
  3. The President may periodically call for a vote outside of regularly scheduled Executive Committee meetings using contemporaneous communications systems such as email, zoom, or text.

2023 AGS Election

2023 AGS Election

The annual election of AGS officers will be held November 28, 2023. Officers include the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, all of whom are required to be AGS Members in good standing for not less than one year.

Nominations: Nominations via email for offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer will be accepted through October 23.  Please contact our election chair, Allison Keefer at [email protected] with any nominations, or if you would like to run for office.  A final call for nominees will be made in person at the October 24 meeting.

Voting will be by either:

*Absentee ballot to submitted before November 28 (or)

*Written secret ballot at the meeting on November 28.

Details on absentee voting will be provided in the November Newsletter.

Atlanta Geological Society Field Trip / Investigation at Arabia Mountain


On the morning of July 30, 2023, AGS hosted a field trip to investigate exfoliation popup “explosions” recently observed at Davidson Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve. Twenty-two attendees, including 17 AGS members along with Alan Cressler of USGS, Ranger Rick Kersey, park volunteer Darling Ngoh, and two park visitors, investigated a field of exfoliation structures of many shapes and scales, formed in connection with an explosive event around 12:15 pm on July 17. Read all about it in the August issue of the Atlanta Geological Society Newsletter available to all members. To join AGS click here.

2023 Annual BBQ Social—Dining under the Dinosaurs

The annual Atlanta Geological Society BBQ social was held on Tuesday, June 27, 2023, with 57 attendees.  Members, family, and friends enjoyed adelicious dinner from Shane’s BBQ, followed by door prize give ways, and a big screen movie on Fungi.

AGS T-shirts and apparel were distributed at the meeting. If you didn’t pick up your item, it will be available at the next meeting in August. If you would like to make arrangements to pick up your item, contact John Clarke: [email protected]. There are a limited number of T-shirts available for purchase at $17 each. These will be available at monthly meetings for purchase.

The AGS greatly appreciates the support of our sponsors for the event–Ben Black of GeoLogic and an anonymous donor. Special thanks to John Salvino for organizing the event and for the volunteers who made it all work.