Continuing Education Certificates

Atlanta Geological Society provides self-download of Continuing Education Certificates for Professional Development Hours (PDH) to its to AGS members who participate in monthly lectures, field trips, or PG study group classes based on an Honor Code.

In accordance with the Registration of Geologists Act of 1976, Section 43-19-12: Qualifications of applicants, “To be eligible for a certificate of registration, an applicant shall meet each of the following minimum qualifications: 1)  Be of good ethical character…”

Because registered geologists in Georgia are required to be of good ethical character, forms are available for professionals to download to help comply with requirements for continuing education as required by states or other professional organizations. By downloading a certificate, you certify that you attended the entire duration of the specified meeting, course, or field trip. The number of hours credited are based on guidelines established by the Alabama board of Licensure for Professional Geologists (2005).


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