Earth Science Education Mini-Grants

Norman Sandford Pottinger Earth Science Education Mini-Grants

The Atlanta Geological Society wishes to aggressively promote Earth science education, knowing the frequent budget shortfalls in public and private education. The Norman Sandford Pottinger Earth Science Education Mini-grant Program intends to supplement the K-12 classroom teacher’s operating budget. This money does not replace funds normally budgeted for education. The funds provide opportunities to enhance and enrich Earth Science learning. Grants of up to $500.00 may be applied for, with the total amount awarded dependent on available funding.

Examples of projects likely to be funded include, but are not limited to, the following:
•  Purchase of Mineral/Rock/Fossil samples or collections
•  Materials and expenses for classroom experiments
•  Development or purchase of software for Earth Science subjects
•  Computer or GPS hardware purchases
•  Earth Science field trip expenses
•  Limited on-line service fees to provide geological research access to Internet resources

The Mini-Grant Program expects teachers and students to use the available funds for their maximum benefit. Upon completion of the project, a written report of no more than four typed pages or a video no longer than 15 minutes will be submitted to the Atlanta Geological Society Grants and Scholarship Committee at the address below within 1-year of grant award. It is suggested that the report could be student-compiled, teacher-graded, and submitted in a portfolio format. A one-page written summary must accompany any multimedia presentations. A presentation to a general meeting of the Atlanta Geological Society may be requested for any project.

To be eligible, teachers must be employed in a Georgia public school system.

Applications should be submitted on or before September 1 each year. Awards will be announced on September 30.  To apply click here.

For further information, please contact:

Atlanta Geological Society
William G. Waggener
Cell 404-354-8752