AGS Officers

Listed below are the officers and committee heads. Please contact them with any questions or ideas.

President: Pamela J. W. Gore (acting)

Vice-President: Scott Harris (acting)

Secretary:  John Clarke

:  John Salvino, P.G.

Past President: Ben Bentkowski

AGS Committees

Career Networking/Advertising:  Open

Continuing Education: Open

Fernbank Museum Liaison:  Miranda Gore Shealy

Fernbank Science Center Liaison:  Scott Harris

Field Trips: Bill Witherspoon

Georgia PG Workshops and Registration:  Ginny Mauldin

Teacher Grants:  Bill Waggener

Hospitality:  John Salvino, P.G.

Membership:  Burton Dixon

Social Media Coordinator: Alexander Ullrich

Newsletter Editor:  John Clarke

Web Master
:  John Clarke